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Exercise is good for the senior citizen. An active lifestyle is essential for seniors seeing as regular exercise can tremendously help prevent various ailments, such as certain forms of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, in addition to minimizing pain related to arthritis. Exercises will improve flexibility, balance, strength, and endurance. Seniors can thus stay energetic and healthier, preserving their longevity.

The following are some of the best exercises for senior citizens.


It’s an excellent way to work the arms, chest, and shoulders. This exercise can be modified in a number of ways, including inclined push-ups or those from a kneeling position for less difficulty.

Bicep curls

These can be done by lifting everyday objects on a daily basis. If you don’t have free weights, you can use a briefcase, a jug of water, or anything else with a handle and substantial weight. As a result, the biceps become much stronger, making standard activities that much easier. These exercises can be done when seated or standing.


It takes time to build your quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes, but the benefits that come from doing so are plentiful. When performing squats, it’s advisable to start with some lower-impact exercises. You can squat in front of a normal chair or against a wall promote lower body strength.

Arm raises

Arm raises, even without additional weights, can strengthen the upper body. Lighter weights can be used to add resistance, however. This activity can be done while standing or seated, and in varying motions. Front and side arm raises are great for increasing shoulder strength. Vertical arm raises over the head can strengthen your triceps as well.


Aerobic activities greatly help with burning calories at a faster rate, boosting energy levels, lowering cholesterol levels, improving heart health, and maintaining joint movement. You can start with 5-minute sessions of cardio a few days per week and eventually work toward 30-minute sessions once your cardiovascular abilities have improved. Other exercises for moderate endurance include walking, light jogging, swimming, and low-impact sports. Running and hiking are some of the more intense aerobic workouts.

Leg Raises

This exercise will help to strengthen the hip, thigh, lower back muscles, and buttocks. It can greatly improve balance as well, which is crucial for older individuals. These can be performed as side leg raises or back leg raises, but you should always try to alternate legs between sets. Ensure that two sets of about ten reps for each leg are completed.


Stretching before any of the aforementioned exercises is extremely important as well, lest you pull a muscle and limit your mobility any more. Seniors should have fun and get creative. Maintaining an active lifestyle will improve the body, as well as mental and emotional health. Joining a walking group, for example, can help you socialize and exercise at the same time. Overall, strengthening, stretching, endurance, and balance exercises are the most important for older individuals, so explore every possibility including those aspects in the world of senior fitness.