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Jerry Shiveley

Health, Wellness, & Longevity

About Jerry Shiveley


Jerry Shiveley is the former Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer at Montgomery County Intermediate Unit (MCIU). With an annual budget of over $135 million, the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit (MCIU) is a suburban and urban regional educational service agency in the Philadelphia suburbs serving 22 school districts and over 150 nonpublic schools with over 145,000 students in Montgomery County. Now that he is retired, Jerry has had the opportunity to dedicate much of his time towards one of his passions for health, wellness, and longevity.

For the past five years, Jerry Shiveley attended medical conferences on longevity in São Paulo, Brazil, highlighting his lifelong interest in health and wellness. These conferences served to guide Jerry’s philosophy on medicine and health, convincing him of the importance of doing your own research and not immediately buying into the popular solution as promoted by Big Pharma. Furthermore, he looks for doctors who take a holistic approach to medicine, looking at the whole person rather than their individual parts.

Jerry Shiveley’s interest in health is not just academic; it is very personal. Twenty-five years ago, he faced a medical issue, which he successfully overcame by building up his personal immunity. He knows how quickly things can go downhill with just one medical issue. Unfortunately, taking a pill can sometimes make things worse, rather than better. There might be side-effects, or you might become dependent on the medication, and require another pill to counteract the side effects of the first one. That is why Jerry is skeptical of many drugs and vaccinations.

He does, however, take a number of supplements with medically proven benefits, such as D₃ and Magnesium. For instance, 10,000 units of Vitamin D3 daily is from current research is more effective than the flu shot.

As Jerry contends, healthy living can replace many popularly-prescribed drugs. There are many natural plants with illness-curing properties. Furthermore, many health issues can be solved by paying close attention to the bacteria in your gut. He recommends Kulreet Chaudhary, MD’s book The Prime, which describes old healing methods, as well as ways to care for these bacteria, such as not drinking soda. Also, the book, Head Strong, by Dave Asprey is breaking research on the role of the mitochondria in each cell and what controls the heath of the mitochondria in our brain and the rest of the body.

Of course, science is also making many exciting steps forward in the field of health. Jerry is excited about the advancements in adult stem cell transplants, which will greatly improve the lives of many people with illnesses that are hard to cure. There are also several cures for cancer that either will soon exist, or already do. Unfortunately, many of these cures are not legal in the United States, and many doctors that successfully cure cancer are often taken to court and driven out of practice.

Jerry_ShiveleyLooking forward, Jerry Shiveley plans to improve his health by exercising and meditating more. Now that he is retired, he hopes to have more time for these things. He advises others to also spend time relaxing and laughing. Luckily, he never has to worry about these things!

Everyone should take initiative in managing their health, whether that means maintaining a healthy lifestyle or taking the time to do your own research. On this website, Jerry is excited to detail his own personal health story, and share any interesting information that he finds along the way.


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